About us

Sandro D’Amico and his son Marcel D’Amico at work in their operation in Renningen.

About us

As a customer of SA D’Amico you will be able to enjoy an all-inclusive package. In other words: We develop ideas even for the most extraordinary challenges within a very short space of time, and we act efficiently, straightforwardly and loyally. SA D’Amico will be the partner at your side, who appreciates the kind of personal dialogue that will evolve a partnership based on trust.

SA D'Amico GmbH was founded in Hemmingen in the year 2004. After growing continuously, 300 m² of space rapidly became too small. Therefore, in October 2009 we moved into new premises in Renningen, which offer an inventory capacity of 1200 m².

The right mix makes things work:
The foundation of SA D’Amico are the 25 years of experience in servicing printing and finishing machines of founder Sandro D’Amico, who was a long-time employee of Metzler before setting up his own operation. There, he was specialised in manroland printing machines and in finishing machines made by Theisen & Bonitz as well as Wohlenberg and others.

His son, Marcel D’Amico, provided new impetus in terms of design and machine-building. Directly after successfully completing his A levels with a focus on technology in 1999, he went through a mechatronics technician training and was able to gather 10 years of valuable experience with printing machines at KBA Metalprint – some of it in Milan, Italy. In 2007 he completed his Mechanical Engineering studies in Stuttgart and worked on delivering development and product management solutions.

Since 2009 he has been concentrating his efforts on contributing new ideas to SA D’Amico.